Friday Evening: Dealers dinner party and their close Friends
Martin Altmann, Stefan Ralew, Mirko Graul and his wife

  Thomas Grau and his wife, he found the Neuschwanstein Meteorite
  Me, Stephan Decker and my wife Gaby
  Martin Altmann and Stefan Ralew with his wife
  Thunderstone from Ensisheim, beautiful Chondrite LL6
  Respect before this Thunderstone
  Thomas Grau, me and Steffen Jacobsen (
  Four great NWA Meteorites
  Dima Sadilenko (Ru)
  Moritz Karl (D)
  Andy Gren (D)
  Martin Altmann (D), Germanys best Meteorite Dealer
  Stefan Ralew (D)
  Gregor Pacer (D)
  Anne Black (USA)  
  Hans Koser (Uy) and Mike Farmer (USA)
  Marcin Cimala (Pl)
  Frédéric Beroud (F) and Chris Boucher (F)